1911906_10153843992445724_72113064_nMy name is Pamela Hunnisett and I am on a long respite from our hectic life in Calgary, Canada to the exotic country of Argentina – living and loving in the city of Santa Fe from February 2014 to July 2014!  This is the hometown of my math prof hubby who has a sabbatical this semester and I have been granted a semester’s leave of absence from my work as a high school English teacher with Foundations for the Future Charter Academy.

In my (nearly) 43rd year, I am completely loving the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom who fills my days with reading, writing-blogging, walking, yoga-ing, painting, cooking, touring, and assimilating (sort of) into the Argentinian culture and way of life – while getting to spend lots of time with my husband and amazing kids!  This has been a dream come true reality and I am profoundly grateful for this precious time and opportunity!  DSCN6502

My children are attending school here in Santa Fe – so although most of their days are lost in translation – they are building friendships (play is universal it turns out) and they are picking up the language bit-by-bit!  My daughter thinks that if she speaks English with an Argentinian accent, they’ll understand her! 


This blogging journey is shared by my son LUCA (age 10 – nearly 11) and TULIA (age 9) who have both been keeping up their own blogs about life here.  I also continue to reflect on my work as a teacher on my professional blog too.  So, please keep checking in, dropping by, commenting and reading our family of blogs:



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