As you can tell, if you read my last blog on Wine, chocolate is another major LOVE in my life!  So, in this A to Z Challenge for my time here abroad in Argentina, I was a bit concerned about the dreaded “X” for an X word!  But to my delight I saw this sign at the Neochea Cafe while riding the bus to the downtown:

Now, I cannot say that I’ve yet indulged in this delight, but I will be sure to do so ASAP and I’ll update this blog accordingly!

International Women's Day - Breakfast Celebration at Neochea Cafe!

International Women’s Day – Breakfast Celebration at Neochea Cafe!

For now, I can say that I’ve been to the Neochea Cafe on the Boulevard for ice cream treats and cafe on a few occasions – two other indulgences I love!  In fact, on International Women’s Day I went here with my Mami (mother-in-law), Tia (Aunt) Adriana, and a friend of Tia’s for a breakfast celebration.  That day I enjoyed their delightful coffee with two medialunas (croissants).

Now regarding their artisanal chocolate – I will soon try these.  Essentially, Xocolatl is an Aztec word meaning “bitter waters” and is pronounced with the “X” as a “sh” sound – see this LINK for its pronunciation. It was treasured by the Emperor Montezuma.  

“The divine drink, which builds up resistance and fights fatigue. A cup of this precious drink permits a man to walk for a whole day without food.”

The Neochea Cafe website says the following about their chocolates:

Xocolatl Necochea, collection of chocolates.
Chocolates whose flavor comes from careful selection of fine cocoa beans from Ecuador and Puratos developed by Belgium in their semi-sweet and white variants, milk. Cocoa occupies 71% of the raw material of this product tranformándolo in comparative advantage, and so emerge tasting nuances of flowers and a subtle reminiscence ground.

“As always we make a difference”
Developing filled bonbons and chocolates in flavors of almonds, walnuts, figs, chestnuts, cherries, caramel, hazelnut ganache, orange peels, pistachios crispy mint rhum and a variety of flavors every week elaborate for you.

I cannot finish this blog without this digression.  The word Xocolatl became more familiar to me when I learned of the murder in Costa Rica of a family friend from my childhood – Kim Blackwell (click to read the article about her murder).  She lived the life of a free spirit and had begun an Organic Chocolate business in Costa Rica named Samaritan Xocolata.  So if you are ever in Costa Rica, be sure to try out Kim’s legacy.

Kim Blackwell’s Samaritan Xocolata



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4 thoughts on “X – Xocolatl Chocolate!

  1. Well, if someone has to taste the chocolate for the sake of the blog, I guess you have to do it! So sad about your friend. It’s neat that you are keeping her memory alive. Here for the #atozchallenge.

    • Many thanks Shonna! I will be forcing myself to taste that delight soon enough! That was serendipitous to share by friend’s legacy while I was writing, had not planned to initially! I stopped by your site and I must say I’m excited about your novel! As a high school English teacher, I’ll be purchasing your novel! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. So sorry to hear about your friend. I enjoyed this post and your description of the chocolate suddenly made me crave for bon bons-a whole lot of them but I will try to limit myself to one or two or three…. 🙂

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