April 12 – K – Kite Surfing

(same word in English and Spanish)

April’s A to Z Blogging Challenge


I’d like to say that I’m one of those really cool people who can ski, snowboard, skateboard, surf, and especially kite surf!  But I’m not, I‘m a failed cool person!  I’m an adventure-active-person wanna-be, cursed with klutzy-ness and I’m missing that daredevil gene, among many sportly genes.  

DSCN7270But when we are driving down the Costanera (the roadway and walkway along the beach)here in Santa Fe, Argentina, and I look up into the lagoon to see twelve gigantic kites in the air – I get enthused like a kid!  There is nothing like getting out of the car, running down to the beach and watching these incredible athletes fly in the air and along the water on their surf boards while steering these massive kites in the air!  Incredible!  It is beautiful from afar to see the powerful kites cutting across the sky, flapping in the wind, but when you get close to watch the masterful power of man with wind – it is breathtaking!

That is how I felt again today as we got to witness this spectacle.  I had been seeking a “K” word that related to our Argentinian adventure, but “K” is a rarely used letter here and most “K” words are actually English words just adopted in.  Then, divinely, on the way home the KITES were flying high and beckoning me to feature them in this post here tonight!  DSCN7285

When we saw them, initially, I counted twelve in the sky and skimming across the water!  But we went home to get the camera and walk back.  When we returned only six remained flying high in the wind and water!  Regardless, it was gorgeous to the the energy on that beach cheering on the kiters out surfing!  This all happens on the beach outside of the Kite Surfing Escuela (school). and here’s another site for it too!  What a perfect sport for this place that is often windy, especially at the water.

So for all you brave types who would do this sport, this is to inspire you and know you’re welcome to crash in to try this out!  The Kite School is just down the street from us! For all the rest – lazy like me – this is to entertain you with awe and wonder!  

DSCN7312 DSCN7291DSCN7321DSCN7324

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4 thoughts on “K – Kite Surfing

  1. All my courage shrinks up and floats away to see things like this in person. I’m like you, not so adventurous that I will do a thing where I can imagine the probability of getting hurt is high. I like watching people who can, however, and dream a little inside. Great Photos!

    Nicky @ http://njmagas.wordpress.com/

  2. I am pretty much a watcher myself. And those kite surfers look amazing. I don’t think I am strong enough to do this even if I was brave enough…I would probably fall from the kite to the sea in five minutes or less.

    • I hear you! Awesome to see! Reality would be bitterly cold and harsh!

    • It is inspiring to see them out there flying day after day! I get excited when it is windy because I know I’ll find them!

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