APRIL 17 – O – Otoño Otoño is Spanish for autumn or the fall season!  It seems very strange to be heading into the cooler fall days jus...

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O – Otoño

APRIL 15 – M – Mausoleum A to Z Blogging Challenge A mausoleum is essentially a free-standing tomb or crypt where a body is buried.  Thin...

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M- Mausoleum

April 10 – I – Insecurity Well, today I was faced with a few relevant “I” topics to share in regards to living in Argentina. F...

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I – Insecurity

APRIL 7 – F – Facturas April’s A to Z Blogging Challenge Delightfully delicious delicacies of the pastry variety. Usually served at ...

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F – Facturas

April 4 – D – DOLLARS April’s A to Z Blogging Challenge Coming to Argentina meant coming with dollars – US DOLLARS – a v...

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D – Dollars to Pesos

April 3 – C – Cafe  April’s A to Z Blogging Challenge If you know me, you know that I’m a coffee connoisseur (or as a student...

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C – Cafe

April 2 – B – Bidet April’s A to Z Blogging Challenge Perhaps the concept of two toilet-looking creatures in a bathroom is so foreig...

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B – Bidet

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