As you can tell, if you read my last blog on Wine, chocolate is another major LOVE in my life!  So, in this A to Z Challenge for my time here abroad ...

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X – Xocolatl Chocolate!

April 26 – W – Wine (Vino) Ah, yes, at last the wine blog!  There has been a long-standing joke that I like my man like I like my coffee,...

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W – Wine (Vino in Spanish)

April 19 – Q – Quilla y Quaker (for Turron de Quaker) April’s A to Z Blogging Challenge This is easily one of our favourite treats, ...

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Q – Quilla y Quaker

April 16 – N – Naranja A to Z Blogging Challenge Naranja is the Spanish word for ORANGE!  One of my most favourite of things in Argentina...

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N – Naranja

APRIL 7 – F – Facturas April’s A to Z Blogging Challenge Delightfully delicious delicacies of the pastry variety. Usually served at ...

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F – Facturas

April 5 – E – Empanadas Aprils’ A toZ Blogging Challenge When dating my now husband, I asked what kind of food did they have in Arg...

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E – Empanadas

So, I’ve taken the plunge into the A to Z Blogging Challenge for the month of April, requiring me to write a blog each day (except Sunday when I...

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A – Argentinian Asado

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