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April’s A to Z Blogging Challenge

This is a bucket list item – something I need to do more of while here in Argentina!  I love the theatre and have my first uni degree as a concentration in theatre, and my world in Calgary is filled with being involved with the drama and musical theatre at school.  But while here, I’ve failed my intended pursuit to see theatre and music, and have two months to make it up!

In the past visits we’ve been out to hear music in theatrical venues and stages, and we have seen one or two shows at some point.  But not knowing the language challenges the comprehension of a play.  DSCN6898

Tango in La Boca

Tango in La Boca

This time here, while in Buenos Aires, we went to see Tango on the streets of La Boca!  It was a beautifully “real” experience – environmental theatre style!  We also went to El Ateno Bookstore which has maintained the beautiful setting of its former theatre!  In Santa Fe we have seen Flamenco music and dancing under the stars.  And in Parana we found the anfiteatro – a gorgeous stone amphitheatre complete with moat where I imagine the best productions of Shakespeare should take place on this stage! Last time we were here, one of my favourite nights out was when we saw two performances of music in one evening.  The first was in a converted house, into a small theatre space where two gents played guitars and crooned!  The second was a Cuban troubadour who enchanted us with his story-telling charm in his singing!  DSCN6690

So, seeing more theatre and music is the plan for May!


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