APRIL 17 – O – Otoño

Otoño is Spanish for autumn or the fall season!  It seems very strange to be heading into the cooler fall days just as life is heating up and melting with the beautiful spring days of Canada.   For those of you that have forgotten your elementary geography, everything south of the equator is upside down compared to the northern hemisphere.

Fall in Argentina

Coming to Argentina in February brought us into the summer, not just hot humid weather!   So, yes, these folk celebrate Christmas in the summer.  Thus, as Canada celebrated the first day of spring (with snow), Argentina celebrated the beginning of the fall, with the beginning of the school year; yes, celebrated because the summer was just too hot and the fall brings the nicest weather, according to many people here.  And, I’d have to agree.

Flowering trees in the fall – palo boracho


Fall walking along the Costanera

Some of the trees are deciduous  and do turn to yellow and lose their leaves.  But first, many put on a stunning display of flowers!  This turns the lushness green of the summer into a wee bit less green looking come winter time in late June.  But the change is not nearly as dramatic, nor as barren as a result.  This year has seen an increase of rainfall, which has resulted in some flooding in the centre and north of the country.  Yesterday while walking along the beach the beach soccer goals were still completely flooded still after more than a week with no rain; the lagoon is very high this month.  Some shanty homes at the edge of the city, along the river were still under water last weekend.  It is a difficult month for many with so much rain!

What I love about the fall here is that it is very much like summer in Alberta.  Cooler evenings and mornings (sweater weather), but the days warm up to perfect temperatures – neither too hot, nor too cold!


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