APRIL 14 – L – LLUVIA {shoe-vee-a)

(Argentinian Spanish for RAIN)

April’s A to Z Blogging Challenge

There is so much I need to update later about this topic as rain in Argentina is spectacular!  Essentially, it gets really so damn hot and humid that the rain is a welcome respite from the oppressive airs.  So when it finally rains, it is a spectacle of lightning, electrical bolts, and thundering booms – it is a world where Zeus and his family are relevant and seemingly omnipresent!  The effects from the rain include a welcome coolness and mosquitos large enough to steal  a young child, or at the very least, they leave a bite-ring along my butt!

However, I do love the relaxation that lluvia enforces upon us!  There is nothing more zen then hearing the rain patter and splatter on my tin roof while the wind swoops and smothers – rain is an inspiring time!

Of course, it is not so idyllic if one were to live along the coast line – as many do in Santa Fe.  So the flooding must be  horrific for those who suffer from the excessive water blasts – often 50-100 mm at a time.  Yesterday we saw flood plains that encroached on the shanty home towns – it must have been awful for them last week!  


Here’s some footage of its power:  VIMEO video of the rain in the backyard.

My Movie 1 from PHunnisett on Vimeo.


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