April 8 – G – Gaucho

April’s A to Z Blogging Challenge

Now I’ve been to Argentina about five times now, and I really haven’t had many experiences encountering gauchos.   When driving down the highways, we’ve passed some riding alongside the highways, and when in La Boca my daughter enquired why the man on stage was dressed like a woman while dancing and swinging his balls … the wooden balls on strings and drumming them on the floor, and the fashionable pants are always of interest to me with my football legs – but beyond that, I haven’t experienced much of them.

Essentially, gauchos are the cowboys of Argentina.

Traditional Gaucho

Argentina is a huge producer of beef!  So, where there are cattle, there are cowboys to tend them, or rather, GAUCHOS to attend them.  When I read about the solitary, legendary figure of the gaucho, it reminds me the Eagles song “Desperado” and the many lawless Spaghetti Westerns.

So other than a rare glimpse of these illusive and infamous figures, I will have to continue the sense of wonder about these classic Argentinian heroic-like figures.  Until I meet one, and ride with one, I’ll have to just wear their great pants!

For further interest:

long gaucho pants

Shorter gauchos

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