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If you know me, you know that I’m a coffee connoisseur (or as a student once inappropriately said “a coffee whore” – so wrong, but funny and true). I’ve tamed my insatiable need for boatloads of coffee to survive the daily grind, but have not curbed, nor ever desire to,  the need for a divinely rich, dark coffee in the morning and another (or an espresso) later in the day to keep me smiling and perky!

How cafe is served in Argentina!

So, coming to Argentina is exciting for coffee (or rather cafe) given the Italian population that is predominant in the country.  The Italians brought their love for my kind of coffee here, thank goodness!   If you know what you’re looking for and where to go, you’ll find the delightful aroma of coffee that will make any mafioso happy.  Generally, most bars, restaurants, and cafes will offer a wonderful dark espresso-like cafe!  Generally, I like my coffee black and strong, but the cortado is a good option too with a touch of milk.  They also give you an accompanying cookie or medialuna (croissant) with a soda water to knock back afterwards to cleanse the palette!  Of course, a delightful cappucino, latte, or mochachino I love for indulgence.

Bialetti brewing my cafe!

Bialetti brewing my cafe!

The funny thing is that generally coffee in the houses of people are instant or really bland Virginia brand – a “meh” at best; I think my dad’s watery Maxwell House at home might be a step in improvement.  But it is caffeine and will do to be polite and when that boost is needed!

Cafe Iris – Santa Fe Argentina

So, when we got here we were having to find a real coffee house that would sell the beans ground, just right.  We even bought a Bialetti which perks the perfect Italian-style coffee over the gas burner.  So, luckily, we found our favourite lil’ cafe – Cafe Iris on the Boulevard here in Santa Fe; a delectable  stop and a wonderful box of delicious coffee to take home and savour!

I’ll add to this blog later – as coffee is such an important topic.  But I’m getting ready to take the overnight bus to Buenos Aires where I’m sure to have more to rave and write about from our weekend adventure!



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4 thoughts on “C – Cafe

  1. Those stove top percolators make really good coffee. Have you tried mate? I turned in my coffee cup for the gourd when I moved here b/c it doesn’t make me crash like coffee and has health benefits, but sometimes I will put a quarter teaspoon of toasted coffee grounds in the yerba!

    • I have and do love in mate time with family. But I just can’t give up my brew! Coffee in the yerba – I’ll try that! Cheers! 😉

  2. I have never understood why we are happy to go for the instant variety at home but will spend a fortune on ‘fancy’ coffees when out and about. 🙂

    • Very true! We are from Canada and invested in a brilliant coffee maker that grinds the beans as it makes the coffee, and a separate espresso machine. This investment has paid itself off easily as we rarely have coffee “out” at home! Given the culture in Canada has line-ups at the neighbourhood Tim Horton’s and Starbucks is also hugely popular – we are one of the few we know who would rather bring our coffee made at home, to work.

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