So, I’ve taken the plunge into the A to Z Blogging Challenge for the month of April, requiring me to write a blog each day (except Sunday when I get off for good behaviour).  Essentially, April 1 is A, April 2 is B, etc…  So, I thought this would be brilliant way to kick me in the butt on this journey abroad, to write – daily – and to chronicle life living abroad in Argentina. As I’ve seeped into the life of an Argentinian (sort of) mom, wife, reader, foodie, yoga-goer, “fit-bit”walker, painter, speaker, guest host, photographer, etc… my blog journalling about the adventure fell to the wayside.  So this challenge is my attempt to right the Write Away Hunni!  

April 1st – A – ASADO!   

Ah!  Truly an Argentina Asado is a wonderous feast!  Essentially, it is a BBQ, but not your flare-up the gas tanks and throw on the steaks kind of BBQ – noooooo way! And with our family here in Argentina, we all – especially the kids –  savour Sunday asado with the family.  But it isn’t just a Sunday ritual, it is a favourite event with any get-together or celebration among friends.

Parrilla is the dark whole in the wall!

Parrilla is the dark whole in the wall!

To begin, you start with a huge outdoor brick oven-like parrilla with a large grill. Under the grill you put the wood coals and slowly build up the heated coals – not the flames.  The key is to cook the meat slowly over the perfectly heated and maintained coals.

Secondly, the cuts of meat vary from chorizo,  blood sausage (gag), and every various cut of beef from sirloins to filets.  S-L-O-W is the key to the cooking, plus heaps of salt massaged into the sacrificed bovine. The process of getting the coals to the right temperature and cooking slowly, led my husband – as a virgin asador (the grill master) – to delay the sacred Sunday asado by two to three hours!  But the wait was worth it when he brought in the succulent meat-fest!


Just look at that delightful carnivore feast and you might Flintstone your way past the salads.  But be sure to not miss out on the amorous Argentinian Malbec that quenches the palette and seduces the senses (but, alas, that is a M or W blog idea).

So the next time you’re in Argentina, come on over on a Sunday to enjoy the asado feast with family and friends!

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11 thoughts on “A – Argentinian Asado

  1. Nice post and a great start. Hope you like our A as well

    • Hello! Many thanks! I’m thrilled to have your link here too and will dreamily follow along! Twitter handle is @PamelaHunnisett

  2. Love this! Your name is below mine on the list for A to Z Challenge, so I will be following this traipse through the alphabet with you. 🙂

    I want to go to Argentina so badly! I’m sure that is quite the transition from Canada.

  3. Your asado feast looks fabulous. It puts our barbeques to shame! Great start to the A to Z challenge. Good luck with the next 25 posts!

  4. Enjoying your A-to-Z posts so far! And the Asado looks great! Looking forward to seeing more!

    • It is wonderful! Thanks so much for reading along! I love your email, so I’ll need to look up your work! 😉 Cheers!

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