El Ateneo 2I am getting so excited to go to Argentina in less than 5 months!  Despite the fact that my days are filled with so many tasks and to-do’s for home, family, and – especially – school, I still find my mind wandering in daydreams of life in Argentina.  So, I decided to start recording the bucket list of dreams and to-do’s for living in this amazing country.  This is a list that will evolve as my daydreaming meanders through the stresses of daily life.

  1. Learn Spanish – specifically Argentinian Spanish!
  2. Write an article for a published Educational Journal – for blogging in the classroom.
  3. Write and read!
  4. Connect the kids and their Argentina classes with their Canadian classes.
  5. Help the kids with their learning blogs.
  6. Yoga!
  7. El Ateneo in Buenos Aires (Kiran, my lovely student showed this to me) – http://www.geobeats.com/video/cefd2c/el-ateneo-bookstore
  8. A winery in Mendoza!
  9. Iquazu Falls!
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